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Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

                          Man And Animal

In the Beginning of creation God created All things. And, they were all beautiful.
But God Created Man After all His wonderful creations;the Man was the purest and the kindest of all creation. that they were fashioned after the similitude of God the father Himself.
But Satan, the fallen Angel was unhappy about the fact that another creature was ordained in his place to worship God.
Therein, he came to put an end to the favor that man had from God Devinne.

Here He began
:He need a creature closed to man or another man to possess to intrude the program that God designed for Man since he was not given the image of man with which he could befriend man. But he had access into the kingdom of Animal wearing and stepping on the Dominion released unto man as the king of all creatures to control the animalism- they must be RULED, the ANIMALS MUST be ENSLAVED; their TOTALITY was granted into the hands of man.
In the shadow of Man, Satan gained access control over animals, and used it against man.
And the man fell.
It is common nowadays to believe that a fellow is possessed with a familiar spirit is using the spirit of an animal,or that he scares, and appears in your dream in the image of animal- it is called witchcraft.
But this is the implication:
when you are fund of using this evil spirit. you are liable to be oppressed by the same spirit of animals you are using for spiritual power over other men.
Satan is deceitful, there is no reason he grants you the believe that you are in the spiritual realm, a Cat, Dog or Snake, than the fact that he wants to oppress you with the spirit of animal he gives you to destroy you in the future time. When it is time for Satan or his Agents to wage spiritual war against you. they will have no power to afflict you than to used their weapon( the spirit of animal they convinced you that they gave you) to estroy, an inflict pain and the torture of hell on you.

Do you believe that you have one spirit of an animal or strange creature living in your body, apart from the spirit of man? Satan knows about it. He install this spirit into your body persuasively to have you as prey within his reach to oppress and devour you at anytime he wants.

My research succeeded that before a man can be mentally disordered without being under the abuse of hard drugs, he must have bee possessed with the spirit of witchcraft and other related spirit of Satan, before his inner being could yield to the instruction of the demon of madness. the spirit of witchcraft which is the beginning of using the spirit of animals in the dream paves ways for other demon of hell to torment a man.

that a natural man his equivalent to a strong angel before God, that can not be attacked by Satan or his demons. when you are free from his entanglement, free from sins and malice you bound to access a higher realm far beyond where Satan can reach therefore you will have the Devinne order from God before Satan access the future. you seat on high place above over Satan. you are a child of God. A fire Against His kingdom. Change your Mind,and your life changes.If you are a victim of this lies of Satan, start from believing that you a man in the real world and there is no point in claiming another form of being in the spiritual realm. Since you are a man here you are equally a man in the spirit. And pray in the Name Of JESUS ALONE!!!

Satan learns from God divine truly, but he works in opposite direction of God the Creator.
truly, Go created all things beautiful and perfect to extend the peace, fun, joy of man to the end that man may, in all day long, think and thank the praises of His Majesty. sea the sea? you think bigger, see the elephant? you fear farther. see the eagle? you look loftier into the sky.
God had no intention of oppressing you in the with the image of an owe with big eye flashing in the dark, in your dream.
The only peace out of these nightmare is praying unto God of Creation with absolute believe that JESUS IS LORD. praise Him.
Always read the scripture.
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